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Shamrock Potting Compost 75 Litre | 427000

Shamrock Potting Compost 75 Litre | 427000
Shamrock Potting Compost 75 Litre | 427000
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With the right balance of nutrients and trace elements added to high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat, Shamrock Potting Compost works with nature to enhance healthy plant growth and development.

Shamrock Potting Compost contains at least 30% more nutrients than Shamrock Multi-Purpose Compost and will give you superior performance and better results. It is however too rich for seed sowing or taking cuttings and for these tasks we recommend Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost which is designed for this use.

Ideal for use:

  • Re-Potting Plants
  • Pots and Containers
  • Tubs and Baskets

Instructions for use

Girl with flower potPotting on:

Most established plants should be re-potted at least once a year, usually in late spring. This will give the roots room to grow and help ensure your plants thrive. Look out for roots emerging from the drainage holes or which have formed into a thick coil indicating the plant has grown out of its pot.

  • Choose a pot that is 1-2 sizes bigger than the current one and put a thin layer of compost in the bottom of the pot.
  • Carefully remove the plant from the old pot, gently teasing out some of the rootball and position it in the new one.
  • Carefully fill in around the roots. Fill to just below the rim, firm in lightly and water well.
  • After approximately 6 weeks feed regularly with a suitable plant feed such as Miracle-Gro Pour & Feed.

Renewing potting compost:

To keep your plants in the best condition, supply them regularly with fresh compost.

  • Tip the plant out carefully and tease off some of the old compost from around the roots. Put fresh compost in the pot, replace the plant, firm in lightly and water well.
  • Alternatively, if the plant is too large to remove, then top dress around the plant by removing the top layer of old compost and replacing with fresh Shamrock Potting Compost.

Containers, tubs and hanging baskets:

Shamrock Potting Compost is the ideal medium for all your outdoor container planting needs.

  • Water the plants to be potted and allow to drain.
  • Half fill the new container with Shamrock Potting Compost and position the plants.
  • Fill in around the plants with the compost and firm lightly with fingertips. Water well.
  • Feed plants throughout the season either with Miracle-Gro controlled release plant food tablets, which feed for up to 6 months. Or alternatively, feed regularly with Miracle-Gro all purpose water soluble plant food 6 to 8 weeks after planting.

Advantages of Shamrock Potting Compost:

  1. Contains the perfect balance of nutrients and trace elements for thriving plants with beautiful flowers
  2. Ideal for pots and containers, tubs, window boxes and hanging baskets
  3. Easy and safe to use
  4. At least 30% more nutrients than standard
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