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Portable Gas Stove | MS2500B

Portable Gas Stove | MS2500B
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Portable Gas Stove | MS2500B
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  • Model: 414056
  • Single Burner Portable Gas Camping / Fishing Stove
  • Dimension: 32 x 6 x 28 cm
  • Stainless steel
  • Gas is not included
  • Ideal for camping, picnics and general outdoor use
  • Comes in storage carrying case

Why fiddle with a propane tank when you can use a simple gas canister. This portable gas stove is safer and more versatile to use. Plus, the gas canisters are easy to pack and are safer to use and allow you to pack more gas than a tank allows. The unique features of this portable gas stove are its safety lock and auto-shut off features. You can keep unauthorized hands away. Its stainless-steel construction makes this a very durable and rust resistant stove to use. The single burner is easy to use and comes with flame and heat controls. You remain in charge of how much heat you need to use. You can use this gas stove on camping and hiking trips or for general outdoor use. 


Uses canisters instead of tanks

Easy to operate

Easy to pack and use anywhere

Single burner comes with flame and heat controls

Stainless-steel construction makes this very durable and rust resistant

Safety lock and auto-shut off features

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