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Brand: WEBER Model: 407037
The ritual of charcoal barbecuing meets the innovative features, convenience and overall wow factor of the Master-Touch charcoal barbecue. The Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate allows you to cook breakfast, simmer stews and prepare a perfectly barbecued pizza. With improved bowl venting, you can now ..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 409578
Porcelain-enamelled steel fireplaceLid shields the fire from windsLid extinguishes flamesPractical lid holderSteel legsItem dimensions L x W x H 67 x 40 x 66.5 centimetres..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403029
Adding a delicate hint of sweet apple to a fish fillet will bring a light and refreshing feel to your plate. Experimenting with adding flavoured wood chips to the recipe makes barbecuing even more intriguing and delicious...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 407056
Adding a delicate hint of sweet apple to pulled chicken will bring a light and refreshing feel to your plate. Experimenting with adding flavoured wood chunks to the recipe makes smoking and barbecuing even more delicious...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403004
GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR KEBABS Bamboo Skewers Create a unique kebab loaded with delicate shrimp, pineapple and peppers. While at the same time your guests' chicken and steak skewers barbecue on either side. Let your imagination and barbecuing possibilities run wild with these disposab..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403053
Surprise old friends with a new take on barbecued dishes that you’ve served many times before. With this wood chip blend, a perfect mix of hardwood, and nut and fruit woods allows you to add a strong, spicy flavour to your tenderloin, brisket or hamburgers, giving these classics a whole new life...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403009
PRODUCT DETAILSGive your perfect cut of meat the best fuel. With the Weber Briquettes you’re off to a good start with fast and easy ignition and they burn long and strong. Being 100% natural with no added chemicals, all you will taste is pure food.This isn’t any ordinary charcoal – it’s the one ingr..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403046
Power your on-the-go barbecue anywhere, and always have a backup on hand. Each gas canister fuels about three hours of cooking, so whether you're at the beach, in the park, or camping, your supper will start as simple as click-click - lit.Fits: Weber® Q 100/1000 Series, Performer Deluxe GBS, Go-Anyw..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403015
PRODUCT DETAILSDrip PansBuilt for Q barbecues, Pulse, Lumin, Weber Traveler, and Spirit, Spirit II, Genesis®, Genesis® II/LX 200 and 300 series barbecuesPRODUCT INFORMATIONOut Of Carton Dimensions3.6cm H x 15cm W x 22cm DIndividual Carton Dimensions22cm H x 4.3cm W x 14.5cm DQuantity10..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 407041
The freedom to go anywhere, curiosity to explore, and ambition to bring big taste to any adventure. With your Go-Anywhere gas barbecue in the boot and a map in your hand, there are no limits to the open road...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403069
Perfect to clean the grate and the cookboxThe high-efficiency Grate Cleaner is a fine mist spray that makes cleaning your grates and interior cookbox components a breeze. Spray and let sit for 30 seconds to loosen grease & food residue and wipe clean...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403037
Built for Gourmet BBQ System cooking gratesWhat's better than waking up in the morning and enjoying the fresh air and tranquility of your garden? Slip out of bed, fire up your barbecue and prepare a mouthwatering breakfast on the Gourmet BBQ System Griddle. The griddle heats up quickly and evenly to..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403025
Perfect for cooking or roasting your vegetables on your Weber Barbecue.Made from stainless steel, this sturdy basket will work to give you perfect vegetables every time...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403031
Adding a rich taste of hickory to your big chunk of beef will leave everyone wondering how you did it. Experimenting with adding flavoured wood chips to the recipe makes barbecuing even more intriguing and delicious...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403059
WEBER BARBECUE LIGHTER CUBES – WHITEWeber Barbecue Lighter Cubes are odourless, non-toxic and easy to use. Pair them with the Rapidfire® chimney starter for a quick and efficient way to light your barbecue. Even in windy or wet conditions, the cubes will light and ignite the rest of your charcoal in..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403057
BUNDLE AVAILABLE see below for detailsGBS Stainless steel hinged cooking grateTuck-Away lid holderRemovable high capacity aluminium ash catcherHeavy gauge steel fuel gratePorcelain-enamelled bowl & lidBottom wine rackLid handle with heat shieldAngled lid hook inside barbecue lidBuilt-In Lid Ther..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403064
Recognized around the world, the iconic Original Kettle charcoal barbecue is loved by barbecue heroes everywhere. Updated features such as the One-Touch Cleaning System with deep ash catcher makes cleaning out spent ash hassle free, while the integrated tool hooks provide easy access to barbecuing t..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403060
Poultry RoasterBuilt for Gourmet BBQ System cooking gratesNot your run-of-the-mill poultry roaster. The versatile, 2-in-1 design of the Gourmet BBQ System Poultry Roaster empowers you to barbecue your bird and sides at the same time. Prepare a crispy yet moist chicken at the center of your barbecue,..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403026
Premium Barbecue CoverBuilt for Q 100/1000/200/2000 with stand or portable cartEmbrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun. The lightweight yet durable Grill Cover is easy to pull on and off of your barbecue. Its fastening straps keep it from blowing into your neighbour’s garden, and i..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403066
Premium Barbecue CoverBuilt for Spirit II 200 series and Spirit 200 seriesEmbrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun. The lightweight yet durable Grill Cover is easy to pull on and off of your barbecue. Its fastening straps keep it from blowing into your neighbour’s garden, and its wa..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403061
Look the part and protect your hands while doing so. The Weber Premium Gloves protect your hands from a hot barbecue, and have a silicone palm for gripping your most prized barbecue tools – a necessity for the serious barbecue master...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403017
IGNITE A DYNAMIC GRILLING EXPERIENCEGet your steaks ready and let the smell of wood embrace the garden as your barbecue heats up. Made from beech, hornbeam, birch, and oak woods, Weber Lumpwood lights fast, burns hot, and imparts a distinct, delicious flavor...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403010
Weber® Lumpwood is fast lighting with a burn time of over 90 minutes. The premium charcoal consists of beech, hornbeam, birch and apple wood. Ideal for cooking a wide range of meat, fish and veg. Burns at a higher temperature than the Weber® briquettes so is the ideal fuel of choice when you want th..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403024
Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, the travel size Premium Tool Set is a must have for any barbecue enthusiast. The compact angled spatula and hands-free locking tongs are two of your everyday essentials - whether you’re flipping burgers deep in the woods or turning salmon on your city balcony...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403019
Weber Q2200 Gas Grill Outdoor Garden Barbecue BBQ | 54010374Product DescriptionIf you want all the performance of a Weber® gas barbecue but in a smaller package, look no further than the newly designed Q®2200. This barbecue is easy to store but comes with enough space to cook for eight people at a t..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403051
A NIGHT TO REMEMBERRelax while you’re firing up the barbecue for this special night. With the rapidfire chimney starter set you have everything that you need in order to get the barbecue started. Fill the chimney starter with briquettes and soon after you'll hear the mesmerising crackling that means..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 407035
Sear GrateBuilt for Gourmet BBQ System cooking gratesBecome the barbecue master that you've always wanted to be by perfecting the art and science of a flawlessly seared steak. Luckily for you and your guests, becoming that barbecue hero has never been easier with the Gourmet BBQ System Sear Grate. T..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 407034
Fresh morning air infused with bacon on the griddle, followed by an evening dinner that slows down time. Starting and ending your day in the garden with the people who matter most, cooking on your Spirit E-325 GBS gas barbecue.• Durable, easy-to-clean porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403016
Open your door to the world of barbecuing with the Spirit II E-210 gas barbecue. This two burner barbecue is built to fit on a small patio or balcony, and is packed with features. The GS4 high-performance grilling system and iGrill 3 compatibility ensures great results every time, while the Gourmet ..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403022
Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill Outdoor Garden Barbecue BBQ | 45010174Product DescriptionThe Weber® Spirit II E310 retains the stylish design and handy features with a brand-new modern look. Making the Weber Spirit E-310 one of the best entry-level family Weber BBQs around. It is available to purcha..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403063
RotisserieBuilt for most Spirit/Spirit II gas barbecuesTurn your barbecue into a backyard rotisserie. Slow-roast a crispy yet moist whole chicken or tender ribs. The Rotisserie gently rotates food above the cooking grate, producing succulent, self-basted meat directly from your backyard kitchen...
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403034
The easiest way to smoke on your gas barbecue. Infuse your food with a hint of hickory, apple, whiskey or beech wood and transform everything from meats and veggies to nuts and cheeses with a mouthwatering smoky taste. Simply set the Smoker Box right on top of your Flavorizer bars or cooking grates ..
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Brand: WEBER Model: 403032
ADD AN EXTRA DIMENSION WITH SMOKEStart a new chapter of your barbecuing adventures by adding a smoky flavour to chops, tenderloin or chicken when you barbecue. The whisky wood chips are made from whiskey barrels, creating a deep, sweet flavour that complements your pork and poultry dishes perfectly...
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