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Model: 61750
De Vielle Ash Carrier | 61750..
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Model: 61715
This Large Black Nursery Fire Guard by Deville has been designed to help protect young children from the potential dangers of open fires or hot multi-fuel stoves and is ideal for use in family homes to give you complete peace of mind that your loved one is safe from harm.The easy to assemble and ext..
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Brand: KARCHER Model: 417021
The Kärcher AD 4 easily removes ashes from fires or BBQ's, whilst also being able to vacuum everyday dry dirt. The high-grade flame-resistant materials ensure maximum safety in vacuuming up ash. And thanks to the bevelled hand tube, all ash residues are comfortably vacuumed up – even in corners and ..
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Model: 44677
The De Vielle Black Briquette Holder has been designed to hold a bale of briquettes. It comes with step inserts on the bottom to make the removal of plastic strapping easy. It also has black metal handles for easy moving.Holds a bale of briquettesStep insertsBlack metal handlesHeight: 47cmWidth: 23c..
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Model: 245598
Improve your life with the De Vielle AV006 ash vacuum. The ash vacuum boasts an intuitive triple filter system comprising of a large fabric bag, HEPA filter and metal filter. This triple filtration system ensures that you have a reliable and trustworthy product which prevents the ingress of dust and..
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Model: 410090
CO2 Concentration Measuring InstrumentProduct size:     9*7*4cmColour:             White/BlackGiftbox size:     11.5*11.5*4.7cmProduct weight: NW: 145g/ GW: 210gCarton size:     47..
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Model: 61770
Stops and removes tar /creosote build-upReduces risk of chimney fires, arrests chimney corrosion and mantains clean heating surfaces for maximum efficiencyCan also be used in stoves500g powder..
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Model: 61779
If you are burning wood, then your chimney will be building up harmful deposits of tar and creosote, which can be major causes of chimney fires. When you burn the chimney cleaning log, its mixture of special minerals coat and adhere to the creosote in your chimney. The minerals are working to reduce..
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Model: 376930
Heat Powered Stove Fan | SL9300AV..
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Model: 67213
Features a ultra bright escape light that turns on automatically when the alarm sounds, which illuminates your escape route.Certified to BSi EN 14604 : 2005Made in IrelandQuick easy installation - no wiring5 Year Guarantee..
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Model: 61761
Small - for chimney sizes up to 304 x 279mm (12 x 11 inches)Stops down draughts and updraughts. Inflate to install, deflate to removeStops Down Draughts And Up DraughtsStops Debris, Soot And Bird MessInflate To Install, Deflate To Remove..
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Model: 61774
De Vielle Stove Rope and Glue Set has a new and improved formula and is suitable for all types of sealing ropes including ceramic.Suitable for most solid fuel stoves and boilersNew and improved formula glueSet includes 8mm X 2.5m rope and 5ml bottle glue..
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Model: 407151
The Ash Vac is ideal for cleaning cold ashes from fireplaces, bbq's, wood stoves etc. It is cleverly designed with a built in double chamber motor so a separate vaccume is not needed for the job. It is also installed with a triple filter for improved performance and comes with filter bag, hepa filte..
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Brand: GOOGLE Model: 416469
It is always better to be alert and safe, rather than sorry. The Nest 2nd Generation Smart smoke & carbon monoxide alarm is equipped with an industrial-grade split-spectrum sensor with 10 years of life-time that quickly detects burning fire and sends the alert notification directly to your smart..
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