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Model: 250155
Convector Heater 2KW WHITE | BB-CH500..
€18.95 €22.95
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Model: 245579
DE VIELLE Classic Ash Vac 2 Filter System | 245579..
€54.95 €96.13
Ex Tax:€45.41
Model: 391680
The De Vielle Luxury Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Grey is the ultimate hot water bottle that will provide you with hours of heat.Colour: GreySimply plug it in wherever you like and wait just 15 minutes for it to reach full charge...
€19.95 €27.95
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Brand: Delonghi Model: 389735
CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY Ceramic technology is highly efficient, thanks to the wide heating element and highly safe thanks to the capability of the PTC element to self-regulate the power output according to the temperature increase. 2 POWER LEVELS The two power settings allow you to optimi..
Ex Tax:€45.41
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377367
Product Details         Oil free technology Fast heat up time Energy Saving Quiet - no fan 2kW Output Thermostat 2 Heat Settings 622mm(H) x 460mm(W) x 280mm(D) 3 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:€78.47
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377568
Freestanding fire with Optiflame effect and real coals. Designed to fit "flat-to-wall". Black and brass-effect finish.Key Features:-Designed to fit “flat to wall”-Black and brass effect finish 2kW fan heater with choice of 2 heat settings-Flame effect can be used independently of heat source-LED fla..
€199.95 €259.94
Ex Tax:€165.25
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377567
The Club is a delightful medium sized electric stove; breathing new life into a unused area. The LED log and Optiflame effect can be turned on independent of the heat source, adding to the brilliant aesthetic even in the summer months. And when it does get cold, you can choose one ..
€199.95 €299.95
Ex Tax:€165.25
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377417
These compact, durable heaters are purpose designed where reliable frost protection is required. Professionally tested against the British Standard for frost protection, the Dimplex 500W Cold Catcher provides unrivalled peace of mind and is suited to a wide range of applications including lofts, she..
Ex Tax:€78.48
Brand: Dimplex Model: 90909
Authentic cast-iron style stove finished in glossy black  Choice of Optiflame® (with real coals) and Optiflame® log effect. Comes fitted with log fuel effect – just change to coal as appropriate  1kW or 2kW fan heat selection  Opening doors  Remote control giving armc..
Ex Tax:€413.17
Brand: DYSON Model: 378911
 DETAILS  RELATED  DELIVERY  WARRANTY Product Details   Dyson Pure Cool Tower Jump to:   Features   Image Gallery Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from..
Ex Tax:€453.71
Brand: DYSON Model: 378913
Product Details       Removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. 360° Glass HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles from the air including pollen, bacteria and pet dander   Captures potentially toxic fumes and odours. A layer ..
Ex Tax:€495.03
Brand: GLEN DIMPLEX Model: 377374
PRODUCT DETAILS Save money on your heating bills with this Electric Convector Heater from Glen. The G2TN is a wall mountable convector heating, so you can place it out of the way whilst still heating up the room where you spend your time or just choose to keep it freestanding if you want to ev..
€39.99 €44.95
Ex Tax:€33.05
Brand: Kingavon Model: 408131
KINGAVON Convector Heater 2KW Black - 408131..
€18.95 €22.95
Ex Tax:€15.66
Brand: Kingavon Model: 408132
KINGAVON Flat Fan Heater | BB-FH203..
€15.95 €18.95
Ex Tax:€13.18
Brand: Kingavon Model: 408138
KINGAVON Oil Filled Radiator 2.5KW Black | 408138..
€64.95 €74.95
Ex Tax:€53.68
Brand: Kingavon Model: 408137
KINGAVON Oil Filled Radiator with Timer 2.5KW | 408137..
€54.95 €69.95
Ex Tax:€45.41
Brand: Kingavon Model: 250159
KINGAVON Upright Fan Heater 2 KW | 250159..
€12.95 €17.29
Ex Tax:€10.70
Model: 408134
Oil Filled Radiator 2KW Black | 408134..
€42.95 €64.95
Ex Tax:€35.50
Brand: Stanley Model: 90947
The Arranmore fire insets will add a sense of cosiness to any room. Available in chrome finish with adjustable flame settings and remote control options, simply plug and play your Arranmore today.      KEY FEATURES   Flame only, 1kW and 2kW options ..
Ex Tax:€280.16
Brand: Stanley Model: 90948
Good looks come in all shapes and sizes. The Bailey fire inset will add a sense of cosiness to any room. Available in satin black with adjustable flame settings and remote control options, simply plug and play your Bailey today.   Flame only, 1kW and 2kW options Fits in to a standa..
Ex Tax:€280.16
Brand: Stanley Model: 90951
If you want something a little bit sleeker, the ARGON built in range of fires offer stylish warmth when they are installed. With the same visual flame and wood log features as the wall hung models, the ARGON Built In 100cm electric is a beautiful thing to behold.   Output: Flame only..
Ex Tax:€742.95
Brand: Stanley Model: 90950
The ARGON Wall Hung 110cm creates a stunning focal point in any room. With its coloured flame and wood log feature is a beautiful thing to behold. Installation has never been easier – All you need is the wall space and a 3 pin socket    Output: Flame only, 1kW and 2kW options&nb..
Ex Tax:€660.31
Brand: Stanley Model: 90953
Freedom to place in any room in your home. The ARGON Wall Hung 140cm with its coloured flame and wood log feature is a beautiful thing to behold and adds luxury to any room.  Create your own style. You can wall mount or recess your ARGON fire using kits provided.   Output: Flame..
Ex Tax:€784.30
Brand: Winterwarm Model: 377397
Ex Tax:€41.28
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