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Heating and Fuel

Heating and Fuel
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 411234
The Oisin solid fuel stove is the smallest stove in our classic collection and offers high heat output 6.4kW and excellent efficiency of 81.5%. Its compact design ensures that it will fits easily into your home and is ideal for small rooms and apartment living. Perfect for those who want efficiency ..
€699.00 €699.00
Ex Tax:€568.29
STANLEY Solis Wood Burning I900 Insert Stove | 94091
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 94091
The SOLIS I 900 is the ultimate heating solution when you have a little more space. With clever door opening features, breathtaking flame pictures not to mention strong smooth lines, the SOLIS 900 will create a stunning focal point in any room. Be the envy of your neighbours.Key FeaturesNominal Heat..
€1,495.00 €1,495.00
Ex Tax:€1,215.45
STANLEY CARA 6.5KW Non Boiler Inset Stove BLACK ENAMEL | 94512
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 94512
CARA INSERT STOVEThe Cara insert stove is the ideal solution for those who want the warmth and efficiency of a cast iron stove with the appearance of an open fire.New! The Cara Insert OSA (Outside Air) is now available. Please note when ordering, this is a new product and not a kit and needs to..
€1,599.00 €1,599.00
Ex Tax:€1,300.00
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 84689
The perfect way to upgrade your existing open fireplace, its neat size suits urban living and is powerful enough to heat open-plan rooms. The clean design lines and large viewing glass offer a stunning contemporary take on a traditional stove design. 7.3kW maximum heat output to roomNet Efficie..
€1,249.00 €1,249.00
Ex Tax:€1,015.45
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377370
Portable 2 KW fanheaterThermostatic control including frost protectionOption of cool blow settingsOverheat safety cut-outNeon mains indicatorIntegral carry handle..
Ex Tax:€39.84
DE VIELLE Briquette Holder BLACK | 44677
Special Offer
Model: 44677
The De Vielle Black Briquette Holder has been designed to hold a bale of briquettes. It comes with step inserts on the bottom to make the removal of plastic strapping easy. It also has black metal handles for easy moving.Holds a bale of briquettesStep insertsBlack metal handlesHeight: 47cmWidth: 23c..
€19.99 €44.99
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Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 411233
A medium-sized stove in our collection is the Tara solid fuel, which comes in a choice of colours to suit a wide variety of interiors. With simple, easy-to-use controls, the Tara stove combines durability and efficiency.Max 8kW of heat to the roomOvernight burn capabilitySuitable for burning wood, c..
€1,595.00 €1,720.00
Ex Tax:€1,296.75
HENLEY Blasket Boiler Stove 21KW BLACK ENAMEL | 413326
Special Offer
Model: 413326
The Blasket Stove is a powerhouse of a stove, delivering 21kW of power to meet even the most demanding of home owners. Available in Matt-black cast iron or in brown/ black enamel. Its’ output of 15.0 kW to the water means that you can rest assured that it will meet even the most demanding of central..
€1,899.00 €2,085.00
Ex Tax:€1,543.90
Product Information Sheet
Model: 372249
Black Grate PolishRestores the appearance of cast iron and steelPolishes and protects objects such as grates, stoves boilers and pipes, hearths, firebacks, barbeques etc.100ml Tube..
Ex Tax:€7.72
HENLEY Druid 25kW Boiler Stove BLACK | 413329
Special Offer
Model: 413329
The Druid 25kW boiler stove is the most popular boiler stove in the Druid range. It is capable of heating up to 17 radiators. It is constructed from high grade steel with a heavy cast iron door. It also has a double combustion system and cool to touch handle.It comes with an airwash system which hel..
€1,595.00 €2,059.00
Ex Tax:€1,296.75
Product Information Sheet
Model: 61715
This Large Black Nursery Fire Guard by Deville has been designed to help protect young children from the potential dangers of open fires or hot multi-fuel stoves and is ideal for use in family homes to give you complete peace of mind that your loved one is safe from harm.The easy to assemble and ext..
Ex Tax:€81.29
STANLEY Cara Glass Insert Stove | 94579
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 94579
The Cara Glass Insert is contemporary take on our classic Cara Insert with its black enamel steel and glass. The Cara Glass has the same capability for warmth and efficiency of a stove with the appearance of an open fire.The Cara Glass will burn smokeless fuel, dry wood, coal, anthracite and seasone..
€1,699.00 €1,699.00
Ex Tax:€1,381.30
HENLEY Ascot 7kW Stove CREAM ENAMEL | 413364
Special Offer
Model: 413364
The Ascot 7kW stove brings the best of modern technology and traditional looks to the Henley range. This stove is external air ready if your house requires this but can be used as a standard stove also. This external air technology gives unrivalled air control allowing you to save more fuel than a s..
€995.00 €1,199.00
Ex Tax:€808.94
Product Information Sheet
HENLEY Achill Insert Stove 6.6kw Non Boiler MATT BLACK | ST005
Special Offer
Model: 413334
6kW Non Boiler Insert StoveTrusted brandVery efficientSuitable for most 16″ and 18″ fire openingsHenley Stoves Best selling Achill 6.6kW insert room heater stove is a fully cast iron stove with over 79% efficiency. Its convection based technology creates unrivalled constant warmth in your room. It w..
€895.00 €1,029.99
Ex Tax:€727.64
Brand: Dimplex Model: 377416
The Dimplex 3kW Flat Fan Heater is extremely light and easy to manoeuvre and great for those looking to save space. With 2 heat settings, frost protection and being controlled thermostatically, it is great way to keep warm. The heater also comes with a power on indicator letting you know when it is ..
Ex Tax:€53.65
Stanley Argon Wall Hung 140cm Fire Black | ARWH140
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 90953
Freedom to place in any room in your home. The ARGON Wall Hung 140cm with its coloured flame and wood log feature is a beautiful thing to behold and adds luxury to any room.  Create your own style. You can wall mount or recess your ARGON fire using kits provided.   Output: Flame..
€898.99 €1,150.00
Ex Tax:€730.89
STANLEY Bilberry Nore ECO 5kW Freestanding Stove | BILSFECN
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 411209
Compact and stylish, the Bilberry Nore Eco Stove will look stunning in any living space and offers you nominal output of 5kW. Named after the River Nore the stove gets its name from The Three Sisters Rivers namely Nore, Barrow and Suir. Key FeaturesNominal Heat Output 5kW to the roomEfficiency ..
€649.00 €749.00
Ex Tax:€527.64
Product Information Sheet
KARCHER Premium AshVac | 1.629-733.0
Special Offer
Brand: KARCHER Model: 417021
The Kärcher AD 4 easily removes ashes from fires or BBQ's, whilst also being able to vacuum everyday dry dirt. The high-grade flame-resistant materials ensure maximum safety in vacuuming up ash. And thanks to the bevelled hand tube, all ash residues are comfortably vacuumed up – even in corners and ..
€129.99 €152.99
Ex Tax:€105.68
Brand: Dimplex Model: 98114
FX20V features  2kW maximum output.  1kW output selectable on installation.  Pull cord operation.  Neon indicator.  Energy saving thermostat switches output down to 1kW once the room is warm (functions on 2kW setting only).  ..
Ex Tax:€52.84
Brand: Dimplex Model: 414221
The ECR is the true definition of the classic finned radiator thanks to its traditional fin design. It boasts superfast warm up times when compared to oil filled equivalents thanks to its patented Oil-free technology which offers up to 9% energy savings compared to traditional Oil-filled radiators. ..
Ex Tax:€113.01
STANLEY Solis Pellet Stove K100 8kW BLACK PANELS | K100SPBL
Special Offer
Model: 93138
Maximum Heat Output 8kW to the roomHigh Efficiency up to 96% - almost 4 times more efficient than an open fireIdeal for open plan livingSelf-cleaning burner means reduced waste in your ash pan15Kg internal hopper runs for up to 22 hours from a fill of pelletsFully adjustable in terms of time and tem..
€1,895.00 €1,950.01
Ex Tax:€1,540.65
HENLEY Druid 30KW Metallic HPB Stove | ST068
Special Offer
Model: 413330
The Druid 30kW boiler stove is the largest boiler stove in the Druid range. The cooker top version has a metal plate on top suitable for cooking. It is capable of heating up to 21 radiators. It is constructed from high grade steel with a heavy cast iron door. It also has a double combustion system a..
€1,795.00 €1,895.00
Ex Tax:€1,459.35
Product Information Sheet
Brand: Dimplex Model: 405976
2kW heat outputThermostatically controlled with frost setting24 hour programmable timerIntegrated carry handles..
Ex Tax:€56.90
Special Offer
Brand: Stanley Model: 96096
Sister to the Reginald stove, the Stanley Lismore is all that is good about the Reginald only 20% smaller in size and output. With its contemporary good looks, high performance and energy management, the Lismore is ideal for today's stylish homes.The Lismore will burn smokeless fuel, dry wood, coal,..
€2,250.00 €2,250.00
Ex Tax:€1,829.27
Product Information Sheet
Brand: Kingavon Model: 250159
KINGAVON Upright Fan Heater 2 KW | 250159..
Ex Tax:€22.76
HENLEY Arklow Insert Non Boiler Stove 5Kw BLACK ENAMEL | 413337
Special Offer
Brand: ADATA Model: 413337
The Arklow is another staple in the Henley insert range. It is a fully cast iron multi fuel stove with over 79% efficiency. The Arklow has been tested with distance to combustibles of 300mm to the top, which makes it suitable for use with most timber surrounds.Please Note: Each timber surround can b..
€795.00 €869.00
Ex Tax:€646.34
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