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Brand: DULUX Model: 71704
It is suitable for the protection and decoration of most interior and exterior surfaces where a durable high gloss finish is required.FEATURES AND BENEFITSHigh colour durabilityPerfect for Interior & Exterior Wood & MetalHigh Gloss FinishDIMENSIONSProduct Width 156.00 mmProduct Length 160.00..
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Brand: DULUX Model: 71702
DULUX Total Cover 10LT Brilliant White | 71702*LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY..
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Brand: DULUX Model: 71741
It provides excellent opacity and contributes to exceptional gloss retention. It has superb hiding power, good cling to sharp edges and excellent levelling propertiesFEATURES AND BENEFITSHigh opacitySuitable for Interior & Exterior Wood & MetalUndercoat for Dulux High GlossDIMENSIONSProduct ..
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Brand: DULUX Model: 71611
The delicate mid-sheen finish is wipeable, easy to apply and has excellent coverage.FEATURES AND BENEFITSExcellent CoverageWipe clean vinyl toughnessSuitable for all living spacesDIMENSIONSProduct Width 300.00 mmProduct Length 300.00 mmProduct Height / Depth 207.00 mmProduct Weight 14.04 kgProduct V..
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Brand: DULUX Model: 71658
The Ultimate Durability formula with Superior Flexibility protects the paint from cracking and flaking, while Superior Colour Retention ensures colours stay true and Superior Mould Resistance works against mould and algae growth for longer thanks to slow-release encapsulated biocide technology. Dulu..
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Brand: DULUX Model: 58749
Ex Tax:€58.54
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