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Model: 54948
A 10W LED security light with built-in PIR detector, that turns on the light when movement is detected within its proximity.The light is manufactured using SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LEDs which are more efficient and around 20% cheaper to run than standard LEDs.It produces a wide beam angle giving..
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Model: 401335
Automatically adjusts brightness according to the amount of daylight received during the day, to provide light all year round.30 Lumen Super Bright lighting..
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Model: 401197
Whether you‘re sitting down outside after a long day or you have a large group of friends around for entertaining, it’s always great to have some heat available just as the evening sets in. The X13 Heat Focus Patio Heater is the best patio heater to have in situations like these. This unique gas pat..
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Model: 42776
• Freestanding patio heater• Wind Resistant Pilot Light• Black steel powder coated• Push Button Ignition• Top reflector:46cm x 46cm x 55mm• Height:2.20m• Base diameter:49cm x 49cm x25mm(H)• With wheels for easy movement• Gas fuel: Propane or Butane gas only• Heat input:13kw• Gas consumption:950g/hou..
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Model: 422634
Classic & Elegant, the Muztag Helsinki Gas Patio Heater is the anchor for your outdoor living area. Gather around and relax with a beautiful ribbon of a dancing flame!Never worry about the weather as the glass windshield will protect the flames from the wind, and by using a cover when not in use..
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Model: 401340
This pack of 5 Flaming Torches give out a stunning flickering light, looking just like a real flame but remaining cool to the touch. Great for parties or creating a relaxing mood in your outdoor space. The solar panel charges the batteries automatically in direct sunlight and the torches illuminate ..
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Model: 420188
Create instant impact with this attractive border edgingKeeps plants neatly containedEasy to install..
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Model: 427740
The La Hacienda Santana Mesh Body Steel Chimenea is designed for any garden of any size and is the perfect garden centerpiece to have and sit around this summer. The chimenea is made from durable steel to withstand high temperatures. It is also coated with black high temperature paint finish.Strong ..
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Model: 404005
Simple and stylish, these functional firebaskets look great in any type of setting. Add logs and gather round to enjoy the warmth whilst entertaining outdoors.With smart linear designs, these firebaskets will catch your customers attention, making them a perfect impulse purchase any time of the year..
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Model: 404306
For the warmth of a traditional fire pit with an added flair of artistry and craftsmanship, a fire globe is a perfect thing. This steel globe makes for a beautiful centerpiece with the swallow design pattern casting beautiful lights and shadows over its surroundings. This makes for a great spot for ..
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Model: 420138
Premium glass pendant string lights with filament lighting effectAutomatically adjusts brightness according to the amount of daylight received during the dayPerfect for entertaining, outdoor dining and partiesProvides light all year round20 Lumen Super Bright lightingUp to 8 hours light per dayTotal..
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Model: 420086
Pre-lined for easy plantingTough and durableLong lasting rattan effect materialWill hold up to 7.5 litres of compost..
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Model: 404008
Our Sierra models are premium heavyweight cast iron chimeneas designed and built for maximum heat retention. The fashionable bronze effect finish complements the traditional design making the Sierra models suitable for any style setting. With an easy-to-use slide in cooking grill, you can host the u..
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