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Model: 62678
These new Bord Na Mona Eco Firelighters are produced with only natural materials.They are ordourless and safe to useMade from fine wood wool and natural candle wax.BenefitsNaturalSustainableFragrance FreeClean to handle..
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Model: 61779
If you are burning wood, then your chimney will be building up harmful deposits of tar and creosote, which can be major causes of chimney fires. When you burn the chimney cleaning log, its mixture of special minerals coat and adhere to the creosote in your chimney. The minerals are working to reduce..
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Model: 61770
Stops and removes tar /creosote build-upReduces risk of chimney fires, arrests chimney corrosion and mantains clean heating surfaces for maximum efficiencyCan also be used in stoves500g powder..
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