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Model: 387739
LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY This high quality salt is perfect for water softening Dissolves gradually and evenly to ensure that no residue is left behind Protects your home appliances from lime scale build-up which can be a problem in hard water areas..
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Model: 409958
Top up bottle of Siliphos for in-line scale reducing units. Siliphos is an economic and reliable water treatment system for potable and industrial water. It consists of glass-like polyphosphate silicate spheres and dispensers of variable size...
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Model: 89667
Flexible Fitting - Universal Connection x Universal ConnectionFEATURES AND BENEFITSAvailable in 1¼", 1½", and 2" sizesOffers complete flexibility for any required angle or offsetUniversal Outlet ConnectionApproximate adjustable length of 165mm to 250mmDIMENSIONSProduct Width 58.00 mmProduct Length 5..
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1/4 Turn Mono Sink Mixer Tap | 385203
Special Offer
Model: 385203
1/4 Turn Mono Sink Mixer Tap | 385203..
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Combimate Limescale Prevention Device and Combiphos Starter Pack
Special Offer
Brand: COMBIMATE Model: 84612
Is Combiphos safe? Yes. Combiphos is classed as a ‘food grade’ additive which conforms to European Standards EN1208 and World Health Organisation standards as a safe additive to drinking water. You can install a Combimate directly on the rising cold water mains and safely bathe in or drink the..
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Model: 406283
Wall FlangeFEATURES AND BENEFITSAvailable for Rigid WC Connectors, 4"/110mm Soil Pipe or Rigid WC Connectors with Plain End Outlet, and Flexible WC ConnectorsDIMENSIONSProduct Width 169.00 mmProduct Length 169.00 mmProduct Height / Depth 40.00 mmProduct Weight 0.07 kgSPECIFICATIONSColour WhiteFinish..
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Model: 93682
Plumb Centre 3/4" x 1/2 4 Way ManifoldFEATURES AND BENEFITSBrass fittingsDIMENSIONSProduct Length 22.00 mm..
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Model: 33209
75mm Water Seal Adjustable Inlet Tubular Swivel 'P' Trap with Multifit OutletFEATURES AND BENEFITSAvailable in 1¼", 1½", and 2" sizes5mm Water SealMultifit Compression Outlet suits all plastic, copper and lead pipeAdjustable Inlet makes trap suitable for all domestic repair, maintenance and improvem..
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Model: 82051
97-107mm Inlet x 4"/110mm Outlet with 20mm Offset Rigid WC ConnectorFEATURES AND BENEFITSOutlet fits 4"/110mm inside diameter of PVC-U and cast iron soil pipe97-107mm Inlet suits all pan spigotsAdjustable LengthComplies with BS 5627:1984 and DIN 1389-2Manufactured in PolypropyleneDIMENSIONSProduct W..
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Model: 89491
Flexible Connector - Universal Connection x Plain Spigot .FEATURES AND BENEFITSAvailable in 1¼" and 1½" sizesOffers maximum flexibility where coventional fittings cannot be usedUniversal Outlet ConnectionPlain spigot to suit Multifit and universal outlet trap or waste fittingsMaximum effective lengt..
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Model: 95314
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FREYA Chrome Mono Sink Tap | SF083
Special Offer
Model: 398365
MARINA Chrome Mono Sink Tap SF083 580084| 398365..
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CASABELLA Heated Rail 750 x 500mm |390227
Special Offer
Brand: CASABELLA Model: 390227
CASABELLA Heated Rail 750 x 500mm |390227SS22LR57C..
€99.00 €214.00
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Model: 88306
Clay Adaptor 150mm To 200mm Pot - 50mm OffsetFEATURES AND BENEFITSClay Adaptor with 50mm offsetDIMENSIONSProduct Width 150.00 mm..
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Brand: Kingavon Model: 250159
KINGAVON Upright Fan Heater 2 KW | 250159..
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Model: 78039
The vented heater connects directly to the cold water supply and provides hot water to a single outlet.Brand: AtlanticType: Under Sink water HeaterHolds: 10L..
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CASABELLA Heated Rail 1150 X 500MM | 390228
Special Offer
Brand: CASABELLA Model: 390228
CASABELLA Heated Rail | 390228..
€129.00 €214.99
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Model: 414628
Seltz Monobloc Sink Mixer Chrome - A hard-wearing, flawless chrome finish that lasts for years. Long life ceramic cartridge for added durability and ease of use. All in one box - Includes flexible tails and fixing kit so nothing to buy separately. Suitable for high and low pressure water systems. 5 ..
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Model: 402100
The WS10 is the largest of our cabinet syle softeners that fits into a kitchen cabinet. It is suitable for larger homes of 4 to 5 people. The WS10 comes with the Ecosoft control valve which means it is metered/volumetric, making it very efficient saving you money, water and salt...
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AVOCA Ecosoft Volumetric Water Softener 9L | WS9V
Special Offer
Model: 402101
The WS9 is a medium sized cabinet style softener. It is suitable for 3 to 4 people. It fits a standard kitchen cupboard. The WS9 comes with the Ecosoft control valve which means it is metered/volumetric, making it very efficient saving you money, water and salt...
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Model: 92809
Bostik Fire Cement is tested up to 1400°C and has excellent adhesion to refractory brickwork and clayware. Bostik Fire Cement is suitable for repairs to a wide range of applications where heat resistance is required including, fire backs, solid fuel heaters, boilers and other surfaces which may be e..
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Model: 414629
Great design and affordable pricing – that is what this Kitchen Mixer Tap from Bristans Dune range offers you. The deck-mounted model, supplied without waste, is compatible with high and low-pressure systems. It has a swivel spout featuring dual control and is attractive, and it is plated with a fla..
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Model: 25134
10 year warrantyAvailable in Anthracite grey A7016 as standardOutputs (Watts): 348 - 2241 / (Btu/hr): 1187 - 7646Augemented Reality App availableBIM model availableDIMENSIONSProduct Width 100.00 mmProduct Length 1400.00 mmProduct Height / Depth 600.00 mmProduct Weight 54.00 kgProduct Volume 0.00..
Ex Tax:€476.41
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