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Soudal Fix All Handheld Seal Bonding Foam 750ml | SBEASYHH

Soudal Fix All Handheld Seal Bonding Foam 750ml | SBEASYHH
Soudal Fix All Handheld Seal Bonding Foam 750ml | SBEASYHH
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Soudal Souda Easy Fix All Handheld Bonding Foam 750ml | SBEASYHH

Product Description

Soudal Souda Easy Fix All 750ml Handheld is a high-performance polyurethane adhesive foam designed for bonding various building materials and it is available to purchase now from Telfords store in Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Its quick and easy application eliminates the need for mixing powders. This innovative formula combines strong adhesion with filling properties, enabling it to bond uneven surfaces effectively. It is commonly used for bonding insulation panels, plasterboard, and constructing interior walls using lightweight building blocks. It offers a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution for bonding different types of insulation panels, including polyurethane and phenol resin foam. Additionally, it can be utilized for bonding polystyrene, gypsum plasterboard in dry lining applications, non-load bearing walls, and other materials such as brick, stone, aluminium, ceramics, MDF, steel, cork, wood, and chipboard.

Polyurethane foam based, single component, construction adhesive. Quick and easy to use – no mixing required. Replaces traditional powder based adhesives. Used for the bonding of many building materials such as insulation panels, plasterboard and light weight building blocks in non-load bearing applications. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Key Features
  • Single component PU adhesive
  • Up to 30% quicker than traditional methods
  • Gap-filling capabilities
  • No mixing required
  • Porous and non-porous materials
  • Available in Hand Held, Gun Grade and Genius Gun

  • Durable, economical, clean and efficient bonding of thermal insulation panels
  • Suitable for bonding insulation panels based on rigid PS (EPS + XPS), polyurethane (PUR / PIR) and phenolic foam in areas: platform roofs , perimeters, facades, drainage or insulation elements, cellar ceilings, interior insulation, etc
  • Bonding of fibro-plaster / cardboard plaster panels in dry construction
  • Bonding of non-load-bearing interior walls, such as partitions, stone shelves, etc

Product Specification
  • Ready to use, does not require mixing
  • Quick drying, can be worked after 1 hour
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Not UV resistant
  • Solvent-free - Reduced working time up to 30 %
  • High initial adhesion - even at low temperatures
  • Economical to use, because it is precisely dosed
  • Also suitable for vertical bonding
  • Shapeable from a box temperature of +5 ° C or an ambient temperature of -5 ° C
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/(m.K) for an ideal addition to the insulating panels when filling the joints
  • Flexible and non-brittle
  • Equalizes irregularities optimally
  • Huge reduction in weight and space compared to conventional PU adhesives, cement-adhesives etc
  • Insensitive to aging, rot-proof, resistant to months Water resistant (but not waterproof).

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