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Telford's offers a range of cleaning supplies designed to help you keep your home spotless. Browse our selection of cleaning products, tools, and accessories for every need. Shop now and trust the expertise of our team to help you choose the right cleaning solutions for your home.
Model: 419942
Nicky Soft Touch is a gentle toilet tissue offering softness and comfort to the skin.It has been carefully wrapped in paper to help reduce the impact of plastic to our environment, becoming more responsible and easier to recycle...
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Model: 415810
RENE Spin Mop Dada | 415810..
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Model: 245579
DE VIELLE Classic Ash Vac 2 Filter System | 245579..
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Model: 372249
Black Grate PolishRestores the appearance of cast iron and steelPolishes and protects objects such as grates, stoves boilers and pipes, hearths, firebacks, barbeques etc.100ml Tube..
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Model: 419960
Suitable for all Washing MachinesLeaves your clothes smelling freshClothes become easier to Iron and smelling of outdoor freshnessComfort Blue Skies Fabric Conditioner will leave your clothes smelling of outdoor freshness. Comfort Blue Skies will leave your clothes smelling fresh all day long as it ..
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Brand: KARCHER Model: 417034
Kärcher's 500ml Glass Cleaning Concentrate provides streak-free results when used in conjunction with a Kärcher Window Vac . It allows for the non-aggressive removal of dirt, grease, insects, emissions and water marks without any surface damage. The bio-degradable formula ensures that the detergent ..
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Model: 380739
Compatible Numatic microfibre vacuum cleaner dust bags. 5 layer filtration. Plastic collar for secure seal to minimise dust escape.  These bags will fit many models of Harry, Henry, Hetty, James, Basil and also commercial machines. Pack of 10 Type: NVM-1CH..
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Brand: Miele Model: 392356
New formula with the fresh Miele Aqua fragrance For bright colours and brilliantly white laundry Excellent stain removal – even at low temperatures No overdosing thanks to automatic dispensing Economical – for 37 loads For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos ..
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Model: 245625
Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber Device absorbs moisture from the air and prevents condensation in rooms up to 20 square metres in size.Prevents condensation by absorbing moisture from the airEliminates build up of mould and mildew in damp roomsSuitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, caravans,..
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Proplus Window Vacuum Cleaner | PPS966716
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Brand: PROPLUS GARDENING Model: 391778
The Proplus Window Vacuum Cleaner Is Great For Fast, Efficient Cleaning & Drying Of Windows With Streak-free Cleaning Results. Included In The Box Is A Powerful Window Vacuum Cleaner With 280mm Suction Nozzle, Charger, Lithium-ion Battery With 30 Minute Runtime Per Charge, 300ml Spray Bottle Wit..
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Model: 245598
Improve your life with the De Vielle AV006 ash vacuum. The ash vacuum boasts an intuitive triple filter system comprising of a large fabric bag, HEPA filter and metal filter. This triple filtration system ensures that you have a reliable and trustworthy product which prevents the ingress of dust and..
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Brand: Miele Model: 380784
Product Details         Genuine Miele HyClean 3D Efficiency dustbags are the first random-spun bag with 3D effect; the new sidefolds ensure even the slightest flow of air is sufficient to inflate the 3D form. The FJM bag volume will allow you to vacuum for ..
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Model: 372263
This galvanised Steel mop bucket with wringer, is strong and ideal for household use. It is more durable than plastic buckets.De Vielle Galvanised Mop BucketPolished Galvanised Mop BucketAnti-Rust..
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Model: 386114
The Varian Synthetic Sweeps Head – 8in is the ideal tool for removing soot and dirt from large flues and chimneys. This sweep head is made with a strong wooden core filled with semi stiff crimped polypropylene making it easier for you to try remove the stubborn soot and dirt. It features a threaded ..
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Model: 401631
The Varian Major Sponge Mop is a heavy duty roller sponge mop perfect for domestic and industrial cleaning. This mop features a strong 50" metal handle and its own wringing system allowing you to eliminate excess water easily. The mop head on this mop can be easily replaced allowing you to have a cl..
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Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 411849
Russell Hobbs knows appliances inside out. Being one of the world’s go-to brands for everyday essentials such as kettles, coffee machines and steam irons, we understand how to get the very best out of the appliances you rely on every day. That's why we have developed a multipurpose descaler that des..
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Model: 407822
SAVES YOU TIME, Addis Microfibre flat Spray floor mop allows you to mop and or sweep clean most floor types - from your kitchen to lounge and bedroom floors, hardwood, laminate, tiles, ceramic, natural stone, vinyl or cement all with ease and without riskTHE REUSABLE HIGH QUALITY 100% microfibre cle..
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Model: 65469
Fairy Professional is part of Proctor & Gamble's commercial range, Fairy original washing up liquid has been a market leader for generations, this professional washing up liquid is in 5lt (Gallon) bottles, dispensing pumps are available to fit to the bottles for easy dispensing.  Fairy wash..
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Model: 29179
Ready to useFormulated to unblock, clean and maintainFast 3 in 1 actionNo danger to pipeworkResults in 30 minutesNon-acid liquidEasy to useNo fumingSize: 1L..
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Brand: Bosch Model: 380745
99% of all the particles remain in the dust bag 3 layers for better dust retention Tested and approved..
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Brand: ADATA Model: 387902
Sanmex fly and wasp killer gives you fast killing action for flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges and other flying insectsSanmex fly and wasp killer is formulated to conform to the requirements of BS4172 as a household insecticideSuitable for use as a household insecticideFast acting!Size: 300ml..
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Model: 401657
The Varian Bannister Brush is a traditional hand brush that can be used in most cleaning environments to sweep dust and light dirt. This brush is made with natural black fibre and cream nylon fill. It features a well-designed shaped handle ensuring it is comfortable to use.Perfect for light sweeping..
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Model: 380714
Specification:   The bags measure 257 x 353mm and have a 50mm diameter opening Type: Filter-Flo The shape and flexible bag material allows them to adapt their shape to fit most bagged vacuum cleaners - simply remove the cardboard collar from your old bag and stick it directly to th..
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Model: 380742
Electrolux Mondo, Proaction, Russell Hobbs & Zanussi Vacuum Bags. Packet of 5 Paper Bags. SDB298. Made by Qualtex. Suitable For: Airflo Raptor: AFV1500 Argos: Chromex Compact 1200 CH255 Bush: BC-402, BC-501, Leo, Pisces Compactronic: CH264, CH287, CH288, CH291, CH294, CH295, CH296 C..
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Model: 29794
• Premium high performance cloth• Outstanding cleaning- even without chemicals• 700,000 fibre per cm2 = 7x more than other microfibre cloths• Smear & lint free cleaning results..
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Model: 416509
Ideal for all small waste items.Stylish and practical, designed to suit almost any home or office.100% Polypropylene.Cleaning instructions: Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.Size :27cm x 25cm approx...
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Model: 61729
Recommended for all home heating units - Wood Stoves, Fireplaces, Oil Furnaces, Space HeatersHelps reduce soot and creosote buildup while at the same time maintaining new stove efficiencyHelps prevent chimney firesNon-polluting, Non-flammable and Anti-corrosiveCo-Mate is a catalyst materialWeight: 9..
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Model: 380719
Quality compatible replacement bags to fit select models of Electrolux vacuum cleaners..
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Model: 29185
Oven & Grill Buster fast action 3 in 1. Removes baked on carbon and grease. Works on warm and cold surfaces. Non flammable liquid. Fast action. Use on ovens, grills, barbecues and deep fat fryers. Lemon scented.FEATURES:- Use on warm and could surfaces.- Removes carbon and grease.- Non flammable..
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Model: 29798
Perfect results every time700,000 fibres per cm2Absorb away dirt and moistureNo smears or streaks..
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Brand: KARCHER Model: 60982
The unique 3 in 1 formula is the ideal combination to create fantastic cleaning performance. It's active dirt remover and protective formula help to remove dirt fast and keep the surfaces looking clean for longer.The unique formula is tough on oil, grease road & winter grime.BenefitsKarcher 3 in..
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Model: 245544
HG Hygienic Fridge Cleaner - 500mlEffectively removes contaminations and food remains from your refrigerator and does not leave any streaks.How to use?Empty fridge before usingSpray surfaceLeave to soak for a few minutesRinsing off is not necessaryCan also be used to clean the outside of your fridge..
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Model: 62355
All-in One window kit with extension pole for higher reach. Kit contains squeege, washer and extension pole.12” All Purpose squeegee12” T-Bar with sleeve5’ extension handleClick-Lock tip..
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Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 380734
To fit models: Morphy Richards 70061, Handy Range, 70050, 70001 to 70009, 70010 to 70019, 70020 to 70029, 70030 to 70039, 70040 to 70050, 70062 ,70063, 70066, 70069, 70094, 70095 70312, 70313, 70314, 70315, 70318, 73275-73277 Domatic, Exclusive, Futura, Oko-Lux, Varia,  Vis..
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Model: 29182
Safe on Tiles, Glass & PVCSafe & Friendly to useBiodegradableSpray & Wipe..
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Brand: Miele Model: 392353
Removes, grease and bacteria and the odours they produceEffective basic cleaning — Special Miele formulaUse 1-3 times per yearOptimum care for many years of reliability200g..
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Model: 47461
Galvanised Dustbin with lid 90LT | 47461..
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Brand: CANADIA Model: 245698
This Microfibre cloth refill is for use with either of the Canadia Microfibre spray mops. It is machine washable and simply velcro fits to the mop head...
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