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Find everything you need to keep your home spotless and organized at Telford's. Browse our extensive range of cleaning supplies, storage solutions, and more to make your home shine. Our expert team is here to help you choose the best products for your household needs. Shop now and maintain a tidy home!
Brand: Miele Model: 380784
Product Details         Genuine Miele HyClean 3D Efficiency dustbags are the first random-spun bag with 3D effect; the new sidefolds ensure even the slightest flow of air is sufficient to inflate the 3D form. The FJM bag volume will allow you to vacuum for ..
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Brand: Barrys Tea Model: 419947
Barrys Tea Gold Blend 1-Cup Teabags 600 Pack | 100% BiodegradableProduct DescriptionOur famous signature blend. Sourced from the finest tea gardens of Rwanda, Kenya and the Assam Valley of India, our Gold Blend is famous for its rich golden colour and much loved taste. Gold Blend is known to be Irel..
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Model: 65473
Ishka Irish Spring Water 500ml | 24 PackProduct DescriptionSourced from an on-site natural spring, in Ballyneety in County Limerick, Ishka Irish Spring Water is spring water is sold in its natural state, untouched by human hand and without treatment in any way during our production process. Ish..
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Model: 419942
Nicky Soft Touch is a gentle toilet tissue offering softness and comfort to the skin.It has been carefully wrapped in paper to help reduce the impact of plastic to our environment, becoming more responsible and easier to recycle...
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Brand: Delonghi Model: 380790
The Maintenance To ensure perfect results every time and keep your De'Longhi machine in top condition. BEST VALUE PACK - Contains enough descaler for four descaling operations 500 ml pack - New Packaging Ecological descaler made with 100% lactic acid Used regularly ..
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Model: 419960
Suitable for all Washing MachinesLeaves your clothes smelling freshClothes become easier to Iron and smelling of outdoor freshnessComfort Blue Skies Fabric Conditioner will leave your clothes smelling of outdoor freshness. Comfort Blue Skies will leave your clothes smelling fresh all day long as it ..
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Model: 380739
Compatible Numatic microfibre vacuum cleaner dust bags. 5 layer filtration. Plastic collar for secure seal to minimise dust escape.  These bags will fit many models of Harry, Henry, Hetty, James, Basil and also commercial machines. Pack of 10 Type: NVM-1CH..
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Proplus Window Vacuum Cleaner | PPS966716
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Brand: ProPlus Gardening Model: 391778
The Proplus Window Vacuum Cleaner Is Great For Fast, Efficient Cleaning & Drying Of Windows With Streak-free Cleaning Results. Included In The Box Is A Powerful Window Vacuum Cleaner With 280mm Suction Nozzle, Charger, Lithium-ion Battery With 30 Minute Runtime Per Charge, 300ml Spray Bottle Wit..
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Model: 65469
Fairy Professional is part of Proctor & Gamble's commercial range, Fairy original washing up liquid has been a market leader for generations, this professional washing up liquid is in 5lt (Gallon) bottles, dispensing pumps are available to fit to the bottles for easy dispensing.  Fairy wash..
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Model: 415810
RENE Spin Mop Dada | 415810..
Ex Tax:€38.20
Model: 433690
Large Galvanised Dustbin with Lid 90 Litre | BB-GB210Product DescriptionThis large galvanised dustbin is the perfect solution for all your waste disposal needs. With a capacity of 90 litres, it’s big enough to hold a week’s worth of rubbish for a typical household. It’s also strong and durable, than..
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Model: 245625
Aero 360 Pure Moisture Absorber Device absorbs moisture from the air and prevents condensation in rooms up to 20 square metres in size.Prevents condensation by absorbing moisture from the airEliminates build up of mould and mildew in damp roomsSuitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, caravans,..
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Model: 403393
No need for cling film.Environmentally friendly.Works on round, square and rectangular containers.BPA free and fridge and freezer safe.4 Pack..
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Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 411849
Russell Hobbs knows appliances inside out. Being one of the world’s go-to brands for everyday essentials such as kettles, coffee machines and steam irons, we understand how to get the very best out of the appliances you rely on every day. That's why we have developed a multipurpose descaler that des..
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Model: 409905
Plug in ultrasonic pest repeller, specifically targetted to repel mice and rats (works on many insects too).For an environmentally responsible, safe, chemical free, and most importantly – a pest free zone to live in, PestClear is your best option...
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Shark Flexbreeze Cordless Indoor Outdoor Portable Fan with Remote Control | FA220UK
Special Offer
Brand: Shark Model: 428354
Shark Flexbreeze Portable Cordless Indoor Outdoor Fan | FA220UKProduct DescriptionMeet the ultra-powerful Shark FlexBreeze Outdoor & Indoor Fan with InstaCool misting attachment. Cordless & corded, transforms from pedestal & tabletop with 70 ft range and 24-hour runtime. The InstaCool mi..
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Model: 407822
SAVES YOU TIME, Addis Microfibre flat Spray floor mop allows you to mop and or sweep clean most floor types - from your kitchen to lounge and bedroom floors, hardwood, laminate, tiles, ceramic, natural stone, vinyl or cement all with ease and without riskTHE REUSABLE HIGH QUALITY 100% microfibre cle..
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Model: 245633
Ettore Cleaning Kit contains, a super concentrate squeegee solution, all purpose squeegee, window washer and bucket...
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Model: 423756
Keep pots clean - seal in flavour. Prevents a burnt on mess, eliminating socking and scrubbing.FEATURES:Fits up to 6.5LSeals in flavourTemperatures up to 200CMicrowave, oven and freezer proofFood Safe tested and BPA free..
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Brand: De Vielle Model: 61038
De Vielle Supreme Premium Ironing Board | DEV979798Product DescriptionThe Devielle Supreme Ironing Board Premium quality heavy duty ironing board with 10-height adjustment to 88cm; Reinforced iron rest with silicones; Lightweight and folds easily for storage It is available to purchase now from Telf..
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Brand: Blackspur Model: 64455
Blackspur Super Heavy Duty 5-Tier Boltless Shelf Shelving Unit  | BB-SU160Product DescriptionThe 2.2mt Super Heavy Duty Boltless 5 Tier Metal Shelving Unit SU160 is the perfect solution for storing heavy loads in a variety of settings, including garages, workshops, warehouses, and home storage ..
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Model: 64768
Blackspur 5 Tier Heavy Duty Bolt less Shelf | 64768..
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Model: 401710
The Varian Microfibre Mop Fleece Refill is a replacement refill for your microfibre mop and is ideal for wet mopping. The fleece is made with microfibre material ensuring that you will gather the finer dirt particles when you are cleaning.Ease of cleaningPerfect for wet moppingEasy connection to mic..
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Model: 386412
This Ultralight motion activates light is a versatile asset for any home. Ideal for cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, anywhere you need light some of the time. Motion-activated, when the light senses you, it turns on instantly.So no more rooting in a dark wardrobe or rummaging blindly in the attic, the..
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Model: 245572
Kontrol Mini 100ml Room Damp Odour Moisture Trap with Lavender Scent | 245572Product DescriptionThe Kontrol Mini Moisture Damp and Odour traps help to freshen air and absorb damp, moisture and odours and are perfect for use in small and confined spaces. They are available to purchase from Telfords D..
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Brand: ADATA Model: 387902
Sanmex fly and wasp killer gives you fast killing action for flies, wasps, mosquitoes, midges and other flying insectsSanmex fly and wasp killer is formulated to conform to the requirements of BS4172 as a household insecticideSuitable for use as a household insecticideFast acting!Size: 300ml..
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Brand: Karcher Model: 425987
Karcher SC3 Upright Steam Mop Cleaner | 1.513-531.0Product DescriptionThe SC 3 Upright is Kärcher’s best performing steam mop and is ready to use in just 30 seconds, removing 99.999% of enveloped viruses and killing 99.99% of common household bacteria using nothing but tap water. It is available to ..
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Model: 421731
The Kensington mat creates a barrier from the outdoors and stops the dirt from getting in. This is perfect for any entrance, kitchen, hallway or… in fact just about anywhere in the home. The pile gets deep into the soles of shoes, boots and paws to remove excess dirt and moisture. The fibres soak up..
Ex Tax:€10.56
Model: 391680
The De Vielle Luxury Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle Grey is the ultimate hot water bottle that will provide you with hours of heat.Colour: GreySimply plug it in wherever you like and wait just 15 minutes for it to reach full charge...
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Brand: Bosch Model: 380745
99% of all the particles remain in the dust bag 3 layers for better dust retention Tested and approved..
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Brand: ProPlus Power Model: 42656
1kg multi purpose fire extinguisherRated for the following class fires - A - Wood,paper,cloth,rubber,most plastics & fabric, B - Flammable liquids such as gasoline,kerosene & oil, C - Electrical appliances & equipment such as home wiring,TV's & electronicsService life & guarantee..
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